Prins Thomas – Italia Uno EP (Hell Yeah)

Prins Thomas - Italia Uno EP (Hell Yeah)

Prins Thomas – Italia Uno EP (Hell Yeah)

The much loved Balearic Gabba project series returns with yet more classically inclined, beautifully Italo-licked sounds that recall the halcyon days of the Balearic scene almost two decades ago as remixed by disco pin-up Prins Thomas.


The man himself was keen to get involved in Balearic Gabba Soundsystem activities and started off with an unofficial edit of the Rusty track here, and eventually it became a proper remix, In light of that, Hell Yeah Recdecided to get two new and exclusive Prins Thomas tracks out of the remix to complete the package, and as you’ll hear he completely changed and replayed everything, added some acid and more besides…


The track he tackles is a timeless classic that characterised many of Sasha’s sets back in the 90s when he was hailed as the Son of God. Namely Rusty’s – Everything’s Gonna Change, in the hands of Thomas the original’s ravey horns and wild chord stabs get stripped away and the mood is made more sultry and sexy. Lush lines and melodies all get bundled together beneath the u, crystal clear vocals that soar above.


Monte Baldo is another sympathetic re-rub with ambient liquidity at its core. All awash with rich synth puddles it sweeps you up and soars to the stars as mild acid gurgle lurk in the spaces left behind. Heady yet dancey, it’s a more energetic counter for the even more blissed out and celestial ambient swoons of EP closer Gran Paradiso.



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