Bicep – Vision Of Love (KMS Records)

Feel My Bicep – Vision Of Love (KMS)
Bicep – Vision Of Love (KMS Records)

Digital Release Dates: 27th May 2013 It’s a rare thing for two labels to come together to release a track, but KMS Records and Feel My Bicep have done exactly that.


“Vision Of Love” was produced by two London based, Belfast-born blogger-production-DJ duo, Matt McBriar and Andy Ferguson.


Matt and Andy explained “like many house producers, when sketching down ideas and jamming in the studio, we sometimes roll through acapellas to find any little vocals snippets that work well over beats we’ve done. In one particular instance we stumbled across an Inner City acapella ‘Good Love’ that really worked with a piano riff. We titled the track “Vision Of Love” and released it as a, limited pressing, vinyl release.


In our naivete, we figured that we’d sell a few 12”s and no one would really take any notice… Then, much to our surprise the track started getting played on radio 1 and getting a lot of interest. We then realised that we would have to sort out a deal with Kevin, as the sample’s owner.


Thankfully, he was very understanding about the whole thing and we worked out a deal to give him and Ann the credit that’s due. So, while we’re sticking to our original plan to keep that entire EP as vinyl only, Kevin’s label (KMS Records), are releasing “Vision Of Love” as a digital single”.


Kevin had this to add… “The track in question is “Good Love”. At the end of last year I heard the track “Vision Of Love” and I instantly recognized that the sample was taken from “Good Love”. I thought, wow, that’s “Good Love” and it works really well over that piano. There was some really good music happening, it had a nice sound to it and it was just perfect.


I knew the artist was Bicep, so I thought let me try and reach out to these guys, to see if they would be up for letting me release the record, digitally. I could give it some exposure and we can have a win/win situation for everyone. So, we made contact with the label, we worked out a deal and here we are now!!





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