Situation – Secret Situation (No Static Recordings)

Situation - Secret Situation (No Static Recordings)

Situation – Secret Situation (No Static Recordings)

The mysterious welsh collective Situation return to the fold after releases on Nang and United with a brace of crispy disco tracks, titled ‘Secret Situation’, for No Static Recordings.



Part. 1 comes across all light hearted and summery with it’s hazy chords, phasing effects and cowbell grooves playing tag around the sulty vocals of Lauren Rimell.



Part. 2 reels in the light hearted-ness and introduces some 80’s-esque walking bass and dutuned pads for extra tension and release.



Part. 3 brings in some classic 80’s drum sounds and splashy snares to toughen up the vibe.



Part. 4 (House Dub)’ extends the intro for those longer blends and introduces some bumping sub and vocal edits to ride the mix.



Part 5 (DT’s Breaks Dub) has a cosmic New Jack Swing vibe going on, with plenty of harmonic synth stabs and a deeply swung groove.



Part 6 (Pete Herbert Remix) Heavy Disco Funk vibes, dubbed out vocals and gliding synth rides. Another cosmic interpretation.



Part 7 (Pete Herbert Dub) for all who prefer a dubbed out vocal free edit.


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