Jovonn – House Ala Carte (Clone)

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A little trip into the New York and Jersey house realms. Of course the major artists such as Todd Terry, Kenny Dope, Kerri Chandler (to name a few) and labels as Strictly Rhythm are widely known for their major influence on the current house scene. One of the often overlooked producers (but for many not much less influential) is Jovonn. Which somehow has always been slightly under the radar for the mainstream, but still very active as producer and an active part of the scene.


Here the House Ala Carte project of Jovonn restored and available again, a release which may not be representative for the majority of Jovonn’s work, but in our eyes probably one of the most unique releases he did. Originally released on Project X records, many didn’t dig the release back then because it was not blue print garage or Jersey house, not enough sweet organ vibes and jazzy chords, to much “silly” vocals and to repetitive. Well… its time for you to make up your mind whether you like it or not… we think this thing is jammin’ 😉


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