Adriatique – Lophobia (Diynamic Music)


Almost one year ago, Adriatique released their last EP on Culprit LA after their breakthrough debut solo record on the Diynamic imprint last summer. Since then, a slew of successful remixes, heavy touring schedule including a weekly Ibiza residency have ensued. Remain firmly in the fold of the Diynamic family, the duo now deliver the mesmerising ‘Lophobia’.


After a long quest for new inspiration, these two guys from Zurich, Switzerland have created‘Lophobia’ – an epic record full of deepness, melancholy, light and dark. After some time lacking in any clear ideas or creativity, several feelings about music in general came together: phobia or fear mixed with the love for music and daily business. This could easily be a sneak preview into a full series of emotional, deep driven techno and house music from Adriatique on Diynamic.


With absolutely no vocals on the record, all tracks are mostly carried by several instruments and melodies, which expand and diverge from any big hook line. The result is an evolving and balanced blend of recorded sounds and programmed beats and percussion.


‘Lophobia’ is probably the best example of this. The slow intro which introduces the synths and instruments step by step will ease you into the mood. In the last third of the title-track an unexpected acid line joins the play between percussions and melodies and the drop creates that extra voltage, undeniably effective in the club but cerebral enough to listen at home.


‘Mr. Creasy’ is the club-track of the EP but still, this song also has its specific mood elements and sound-structure. Driven by a lot of basses and subs, the track reaches it´s full potential when all elements come together. Oriental flutes followed by strong moog mellows and a nice sequencer which leads the track in a trippy direction. This one will definitely be responsible for some peak time dancefloor moments.


The third track on the EP has the same origin. ‘Glyfada’ also has no vocals on it, but instead leads with rolling beats combined with harmonic pads and synth sounds. This track definitely creates the right vibe for sunsets, later moments of the night and last but not least the all time favourite sunrise.



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