The Revenge – Bugles Of Truth EP (Roar)

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Developing his own Roar Groove imprint with four more modern day disco jams, The Revenge lays out a musical menu that’s rich in flavours and deep in variety.


“Close Encounters Of The Casual Kind” is a lush, slo-mo mood shaker that’s develops confidently with a hypnotising vocal loop, “The Tight Circuit” is awash with deep acid bubbles, “MDMF” doffs its cap to the pristine synth charms of electro while a lolloping bassline drives us towards a lush bed of vocal harmonies.


“Oot Yer Nut” completes the release with a complete switch-flipping scenario; stomping and wriggling with techno naughtiness, it’s The Revenge at his most mischievous.


Take a toot on “The Bugle Of Truth” today!



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