Big Giant Brothers – Simple Twist (Revox Records)

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Big giant brothers is a collaboration of 2 talented DJs and electronic music producers, consisting of DJ twisted Jack and Mr. Simple, both are Asian American and based in Los Angeles, currently resides in Taiwan. Met in high school during early 90’s, they became close friend with the same passion for hip hop, DJing and breakdancing.


Soon after completed their education in the state in 1999, DJ twisted Jack went back to his home country to pursue his dream of opening the first and most respected recored store in Taiwan, Noise records. He later moved on to create Noiz party crew, promote underground raves and became one of the most well know party events in Taiwan’s night life culture.


After leaving Noiz crew as the head of the operation, he became the resident DJ and events coordinator at Lost Haven in Shanghai, China. Now he’s back to Taiwan and serve as the resident DJ at the popular night club in town, Myst. On the other hands, Mr. Simple continue his music career and went on to spun at some of the most historical clubs in Hollywood, includes SoHo, Cabana clubs, fun house and Bunkers. He also held as the creator of Uni5 underground events in Los Angeles for 2 years. At the same time, he started to develop his technique to produce music and creating his own sound. With a few remixes released under his belt, he decided to move to Taiwan and reunited with DJ twisted Jack to collaborate their experiences in DJ and music selections, offer to all the beloved Asia cities.


Quality electronic musics will be best describe their music production and DJ set. With Tech house in mind, edgy progressive sound crossed with breaks and trance, definitely not your typical radio playlist music.


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