Butch – The Persistence of Memory EP (Visionquest)

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Well renowned for his chameleon approach to electronic music, Butch descends on the Visionquest imprint once again with another style-bending 4-tracker featuring collaborations with long-time studio partner Hohberg and latest protege C. Vogt. A-side ‘Peyote’ is an epic, synth-laden space odyssey, building and bubbling with dubby atmospherics, dense rich percussion and psychedelic Eastern melodies under a rumbling groove. On the flip, ‘Ozymandias’ is more squarely aimed at the dancefloor, with a hypnotic, soaring synth line and stripped drum groove, that make way for warm, sweeping chords. ‘Missing Channels’ with C. Vogt darkens the mood with a mutating soundscape of bleeps and fx and a menacing, arpeggiated bassline, while the digi extra ‘Peyote (Atmo Trip)’ takes the track further in a subaquatic stoned, reprise.



Named ´Producer of the year´ several times over the course of his career, Butch is a true stalwart of the German scene amassing countless hit releases on high profile labels such as Sei Es Drum, Rekids, Cocoon, Desolat and Hot Creations. Last year Butch released ‘Lullabies To Paralyze’ on Visionquest (alongside Hohberg), to much critical acclaim and continues to showcase the collaboration in ‘The Persistence Of Memory EP’.



Also one of the most hard-working men on the scene, Butch emphatically produces for 5-days straight a week and then performs around the globe, opening the minds at institutions such as fabric, Time Warp, and with his residency at Watergate in Berlin – creating that special vibe Butch always brings to his existential sets.



As with any restless entity, Butch is set to further explore pastures new in 2014. He’ll be launching Otherside and working on more experimental, “psycho-acoustic” music with friend and percussionist Hohberg. A mixture of sonic soundscapes and electronic structures, the planned album will seek to cast its tracks across the divide of musical consumption and appreciation – an album suited to home listening as much as it is for dance-floor. Further collaborations are also on the horizon, with a return to making music with friend and cohort Ricardo Villalobos as ButRic – with the two figures being anything but generic, it promises to be another feet twitching, brain melting escapade in Butch’s musical ride.


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