Trulz & Robin – Dance Music Therapy EP vol 2 (Cymasonic Recordings)

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Trulz & Robin’s Dance Music Therapy EP Vol. 2 is the second release in a series of EP’s including remixes for Cymasonic Recordings. These guys have been around the Oslo techno scene for over a decade with a healthy discography to show for it. Also hailing from Norway’s capital city and sharing affiliation through the Planet Noise catalog, Ost & Kjex (Diynamic, Crosstown Rebels) take up the remix duties this time.



Labeled a rework – although it could have easily been the original – their version of “The Clearing” comes in the form of an emotional vocal postcard from a parallel universe of falsetto singing Norwegian house-heroes. Melodic chimes and acid grooves swallow the listener whole, not to be seen again until the end.



Trulz & Robin follow with three originals. “Midnight Cowboy” makes for a minimal trip through the rodeo of space and time, at points bringing to mind fellow Scandinavians Minilogue. With a strong Detroit pulse to it, “Daylight” features lively analogue sounding synth work wavering and winding above a gritty bass line.



Experimental percussion and effects join the foray on “Beneath the Surface” while heavily resonating melodies create an active ambience for the release’s final cut.



Dance Music Therapy proves to be an apt title as each track is strongly emotive, but also physically engaging – sure to spread from Oslo into dance floor sessions the world over.


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