Dimitri from Paris & DJ Rocca – Disco Shake (Hell Yeah)

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由Dimitrti From Paris 和Dj Rocca所組成的Erosidiscotique,已有多年合作歷史的他們,今日再次共同出擊為Hell Yeah廠牌推出強大單曲Disco Shake。並邀請到Luminodisco、JKriv、D&G與混音界大老Tom Moulton一同泡製Remix版本。


Dimitri From Paris and DJ Rocca have lots of history of producing together asErodiscotique and once again here they team up on a new single for Hell Yeah. The stunning original, Disco Shake, comes backed with remixes from Luminodisco,JKrivD&G and A Mix by remix pioneer and living legend Tom Moulton.


身為電子音樂界的傳奇人物,Dimitri From Paris帶著他專屬的歌曲音色French House sound打造出許多精彩的作品,包括Deluxe House of Funk以及惡名昭彰的A Night At the PlayBoy Mansion,並也參與泡製許多單曲混音。他的夥伴DJ Rocca,身兼Ajello與CrimeaX團員,曾為Classic Rekids與International Feel混音,更是義大利浩斯界的指標人物之一。


Dimitri from Paris is a true electronic music legend – he pioneered his own French house sound at the start of his career, has mixed seminal compilations including the cult “Deluxe House of Funk” and the infamous “A Night At The Playboy Mansion” and has remixed everyone from The Rapture to Storm Queen in recent times. His partner in crime here, DJ Rocca – who is part of Ajello and the excellent Crimea X – is one of the key figures in the new Italian house scene. He has released lots of productions and remixes for Classic, Rekids and International Feel and once again comes up with the goods here.


原曲由帶有Disco節奏的organic drums組成,搭配著breathy vocal與帶有雷射音色般的吉他聲線。明亮的弦律加上義大利鋼琴,精彩的breakdown橋段讓正宗的disco風味完美呈現。


In original form the single is a foot stomping bit of disco with organic drums, breathy vocals and plenty of laser like guitar lines shooting through the arrangement. Bright golden chords add a luxurious quality to the Italo referencing pianos and the twinkly, starry breakdown allows a moment to catch your breath before is off to authentic disco town once again.



而Tom Moulton的重新詮釋的club版本,更同時讓整首歌充滿著靈魂樂般的深情與微甜感,更帶有更多狂放的喜悅與名disco的舞池歡愉氣氛。


Tom Moulton is credited with inventing this style of club ready remix and here steals the show with the camp strings, unbridled joy and celebratory disco vibes of his seriously classy take on the original.



Luminodisco,Heal Yeah廠牌中可肆意轉換afro到disco節奏的製作人。運用frazzled synth與ramshackle鼓打樂器將整首曲子營造出一望無際的disco氛圍。


First on the flip is Luminodisco, a regular on the Hell Yeah label who blends everything from afro to funk to disco into his productions. His remix is a little more cosmic with frazzled synths, Studio 80 style disco colour and perfectly ramshackle percussion.



而身兼DJ、製作人及Deep&Disco廠牌首腦的JKriv。也運用了layers、琶音音色、康加鼓與即興smoky vocal所打造出獨具JKriv特人特色的版本。


Next up is JKriv, the DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist head of Deep&Disco Recordings and touring DJ for disco outfit Escort. His version builds in layers, exploding into a pixelated blast of arpeggiated synth lines, tumbling congas and smoky vocal riffs.



Buy the EP digitally and you will also be treated to the D&G interpretation, which is a more low slung and deeper version than any other. Here the drums trudge along with loopy chords and a grinding bassline that really makes you move your ass.




Modern day disco rarely sounds as authentically uplifting and creatively exiting as this: it’s alive with very real human soul both in original form and when reimagined by a carefully chosen selection of experts in their field.




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