Nick Monaco – Private Practice (Wolf + Lamb)

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Ahead of Nick Monaco’s hotly anticipated debut album ‘Mating Call’ out in September on Soul Clap Records,  godfather  label  Wolf  +  Lamb proudly  presents  the  preceding  single  featuring  lead track ‘Private Practice’, a sound all Monaco’s own as unique composition swings with offbeat style and sex appeal, fresh as a daisy with an alluring dose of dirt. A stunning piano led acapella is offered as the ‘Unclubbed’ version. 

On the flip is the seductive lo­fi funk and  fluid  soul  of  ‘I  Can’t Breathe  Without  You’, a sultry summer jam with an irresistible melody  that will keep swirling round your head for days. Closing the EP is the quintessential magic of a Wolf + Lamb club mix that pumps up the groove. 



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