V/A – Four Years Of Soulfooled (Soulfooled)

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From a label spurred on by an ethos where only the music truly matters, there is a lot to celebrate, as the label has really carved a distinct path for themselves, releasing nothing but strong, distinctive releases from some of the scene’s hottest names whilst also creating a platform for fresh new talent.


This lovingly curated compilation is an apt collection of some of the strongest and biggest tracks on the label to date – featuring tracks from the labelboss himself, Alex Niggemann, in the form of ‘Jewels’ and Matthias Meyer’s remix of ‘Boujuma’, to cuts from David Durango,Victor Stancov and Mario Aureo, and the stunning sounds of Rodriguez Jr.’s remix of Smash TV’s ‘Chrystal Moth’, this assortment presents Soulfooled as a true bastion of the electronic music scene – expect true quality cuts built on a love for exceptional musical dexterity and passion.



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