Olaf Over – Loop Trax 26 (Revox Records)

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Since 1999 Olaf Over is DeeJaying in the area around lake constance – starting first with vinyl. Mandatory for him is, that he is not doing any DJ races, as well he’s not selfish, furthermore he is focused to stay honest, respectful and to be human, also supporting Newcomers. A Guest from England – in 1999 during a Visit of the venue “Club Airport” in Friedrichshafen (Where the home of the Zeppelin Aircraft is) gave him his Name. That guy could not stop shouting on the dance floor :“Oh fuck – it’s Over – that guy fucked my brain”. And at the end of the evening they called him Olaf Over.


He is also known as a World Traveller – from USA, thru Europe to Asia. Together with Electric Indigo he freaked the crowd out, he does play sometimes in one of the oldest Techno Clubs in Germany – and now he’s DJ for about over 15 Years. He’s known by some famous guys in the scene. When visiting the Beatport Lounge to Denver at Beta Nightclub – the Number One U.S. Nightclub – the mass freaked out.


He is a man who has brought already memorable moments to the people. People are talking about legendary sets. He is told by many that he is a philosopher – but ultimately it is one thing, a brilliant artist who can feed his heart and soul into his sets. Not being selfish is also furthermore a good attitude for him.



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Olaf Over

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