Ivaylo & Slammer feat Renate – Breathe Easy (Bogota Records)

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Bogota Records return with a follow up to their truly special summer hit “Guide”. Where that was a statement of intent, their new single “Breathe Easy” aims to cement the winning combination of producers Ivaylo and Slammer with singer Renate. It’s another thick mix of Bogota style balanced by perfectly arranged remixes, each molded into their own strong identity and building on the solid foundation set by the original.


The production efforts on “Breathe Easy” depend on hard drum programming and a murky low end while the synths take an elevator softly towards a bright, arpeggiated climax complete with vocals that really pull the listener in. The remixes flow from Oslo to Bulgaria, from the Bay Area to Barcelona with Kelvin K’s (Lost My Dog) classic style Playin Old School Mix, Norwegian Jarle Bråthen’s (Full Pupp) cosmically inclined remix, Sound Solutions’ euphoric release, and Arildo’s (Cymasonic Recordings) mechanical, but funky remix.



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