Irregular Disco Workers – Blindfolded EP (High Above The Ground)

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High Above the Ground Musik welcomes with its first release, coming from Italian duo”Irregular Disco Workers. Including remixes from Jad & The Ladyboy, Thomass Jackson and Paradisko.


From fancy disco to mellow & cool house, to techno and in between, newly formed High Above the Ground Musik will focus on the music that makes you feel good and lift your feet up high. Brewed with happiness, peace and some cheesecake, High Above the Ground not only aims to conquer your ears but also your eyes with appealing album covers and music videos.


Starting with the Irregular Disco Workers – ‘Blindfolded EP’ as the debut release, High Above the Ground is aiming with acclaimed acts and pro“ising newcome”s for it’s roster, alongside quality and diverse remixers such as Jad & the Ladyboy, Paradisko and Thomass Jackson. High Above the Ground will be offering different but quality examples in every release.



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Irregular Disco Workers

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High Above The Ground

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