V/A – 10 Years of Tirk (Tirk Recordings)

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As the great Louis Armstrong said: there are only two types of music, good and bad. If there’s any one who knows where to find the good stuff it is Tirk Recordings founder and A&R man Sav Remzi.


Over the last two or more decades, a belly full of passion and a superbly open-minded approach to music has led Sav on a magpie-like flight across the land of music, unearthing both new and under-represented artists from the past, touching on soul, disco, house, hip hop, reggae, electro, funk, jazz, Afro-beat and many uncanny fusions in between. With more than just an ear for great music though, he has made a career of reaching out to the music makers themselves and convincing them to let him introduce their work to a new audience. Seemingly always a conduit of taste and artistic talent, its fair to say he has a knack for channeling good music to both people and scenes.


Good music will always be sought after, but it often needs a helping hand to find its audience. Quite what Louis would make of Tirk is anyone’s guess, but listening to this compilation and to the last ten year of the label, thank heavens there are still people like Sav helping connect the good stuff to our ears.



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