Esa – Gwalaka Fortune (Omena Records)

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After dancing with HNNY under the disco ball, staying up late listening to Mella Dee’s warehouse tracks it’s time to go to visit a Futuristic Cape Town with Esa.


Have a listen to Umatic 3000 and you’ll understand why Tooli started sweating whilst listening to the demo the first time. Futuristic and deep dance music from a space ship that crashed somewhere in District 6. 8/8 Son Op is a dramatic interlude that leads straight into Big Snoek, a track that both sounds and smells like a modern Global Communication tribute.


Esa : “These tracks are very special to me as they were some of the first tracks I produced moving to London using hardware synthesizers, they also a look into the future sound of where I grew up with influences from the music that united the Cape Flat throughout the struggle.”



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