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Ever eclectic electronic outlet Hell Yeah is back with another carefully curated release this winter, and it’s a brand new and debut LP by Telespazio, a solo project by Italian DJ and producer Fabrizio Mammarella of Slow Motion’s fame.


This is a project that has been in discussion for years, ever since label boss Marco fell in love with Fabrizio’s deep digging and far ranging mix series, Telespazio, which dates back to 2007. “I think he’s one of the best Italian DJs of the new generation,” says Marco. “I’ve been impressed since 2009 when he did a compilation mix for the label entitled Hell Yeah Disco Cabinet.


For almost a decade now Fabrizio’s Slow Motion brand – both as a label and event – has been at the forefront of disco, future retro sounds and grooves. Fabrizio himself is also one third of Clap Rules and releases music on labels like Bear Funk, DFA, Kitsune, Tiny Sticks and across the course of eight tracks here he showcases a wide range of electronic sounds.


Opening up the expansive LP is Barrier, a go-slow bit of intergalactic funk with bleepy melodies and steppy synths, whirring cosmic sounds and colour to spare.
In Motion then plays with grubby, dishevelled kicks and claps, spangled synths and curious patterns that are all underpinned by monstrous bass.


Nuvolari is another bit of deep space delightfulness with blistered synths, circling shape ships and glowing, pixelated chords all loosely tied to a chugging disco beat.


Devices is a beat less bit of glassy ambient that conveys a real sense of motion from this world to the next and that moody sense of soundtracking continues into the second half of the album with the expansive, twinkling Glide Shot, skyward synths and harmonic chords of Rays and broken disco grooves of LFO Ride. Closer Unstable then gets all trippy and otherworldly with dark undertones, kinetic synths and snippets of vocal.


Overall this is a truly unique and idiosyncratic journey into a freaky sound world that comes wholly from deep inside the mid of Fabrizio Mammarella.
Artwork by His Abusive Kindness aka Andrea Amaducci.



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