V/A – Raw Axes EP (Axe on Wax)

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First on the record we have a low-slung groove, with some divine moving pads. Cera Alba’s “Jux” track features all you would expect from an AOW record with heavy industrial sounds set against the backdrop of a dream-like chord sequence, before veering off and taking things into tougher terrain. Cera Alba is a fast rising talent and one to keep your eye on.


Next on this EP we have the prolific Oli Furness. A man who is in growing demand and Oli doesn’t disappoint. He steps up with a remix of Cera’s original, taking things into heavier territory – as he so often does – and with his usual flair for the dramatic. Heavy kicks and snappy snares pave the way as a slow filtered loop rises to reveal his trademark rolling bass. As a resident at Sankey’s in Manchester it is no surprise much of this man’s work is designed to put a big system to the test. Nice use of the original shot sound frantically dancing around keeps this remix aimed firmly at keeping the floor moving and grooving.


If the A1 was the beauty on this EP, this track is the beast. Quick to start and relentless in energy. Think early mornings with Kerry – with a very danceable walking bass line keeping pace for you alongside crisp 909 rides keeping you company and dictating the groove. This one is all about its original dusty feel, keeping things steady whilst enhancing the sound as it progresses. Even with a distinctly familiar sounding palette the drum programming and arrangement keep this track from ever sounding too comfortable and certainly keep the listener wanting more.


Rounding off the EP – Kindimmer keeps the dusty undertone of Rosenhafts original, coupling hi-pitched ethereal sounds amongst his Sonics. This track is more about balance and is most cleverly done, with subtle changes and crafted rhythms. The build of tension is subtle but is enough to keep listeners focused as he creates a beautiful soundscape laid down with truly whole beats. This will be a firm favourite for DJ’s who like to dig deeper.



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Axe On Wax

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