Crimea X – Incubo Sintetico (Hell Yeah)

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Infamous italian electronic duo Crimea X (Jukka Reverberi & DJ Rocca), for a few months now, have been performing a live show where they play their own social-kraut-disco versions of a a few masterpieces by John Carpenter out of cult movies like “Assault on Precint 13”; “Escape from New York”, Christine whose soundtracks were composed by the same Carpenter to accompany his sci-fi horror visions… a veritable cult object for film-buffs : distinctive, eerie, hypnotic.


Thanks to those crazy guys at To Lose La Track who supported the project since they saw the live show first time, “Crimea X play Carpenter – Incubo Sintetico” gets some life on vinyl, in a very luxurious package red vinyl that will be available February 2015.



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