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“This is KODX”. Three words, a simple but powerful statement. That is how we are introduced to two things at once: The newly founded and Berlin based label “KODX”, as well as its first release “KODX EP”.


The EP’s creator, who is also part of the founding team of KODX (the label) was formerly known as Max Farlane. Just this year he decided to change his name to Max Dahlhaus, got together with Photographer/Designer Jonas Köksal and the two took off on a journey to combine music and art to a symbiotic playground for artists from all areas alike.


Combination is also what characterises the EP. For the track Shugo, Dahlhaus improved the harmonic techno he is known for by adding not only spherical, but sometimes also simply irritating sounds and noisy details. Right from the beginning, arpeggio lines are forming a maelstrom which is dragging the listener along through the track. Elements like the break beat bass drum and a straight snare are forming a complex and industrial world. We are right next to Dahlhaus, exploring this unknown and rather dark place, just to see it collapsing in the break. Now starts the new era of Shugo: the track and its world are abruptly rebuilt into something more bright and euphoric. From this point on, a straight bass drum will be our guide to the end of the track.


With SecretMod the surreal undertone which was already sprouting in Shugo thickens. Spiritual sounding chimes, drums and synth-lines are orbiting each other. Growing out of this slurry sound, a strong bass line is giving the track its structure. This is definitely a piece of music which will bring some fresh air into the clubs.


Compared to the other tracks on the EP, Expuls is rather slow and expanding much more gradually. When the track seems to be on its peak point, Dahlhaus breaks it down to the rudimentary parts. He then introduces new melody elements and finally rounds it up with pushing the track even further up than before.


Joining us with a great remix is our friend from The Hague Gisberto, who is known from the Dutch label Amateur. Gisberto’s view on Shugo’s world is rather different to Dahlhaus’s: It seems like he found the secret back door to a part of the world which is filled with bouncing colors, weird dancing creatures and a lifted spirit. This remix reminds us of good old Krautrock, and turns the energy of the track into that of a perfect summer night. KODX is really happy to welcome Gisberto aboard.



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