The Revenge – Love That Will Not Die (Roar Groove)

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Graeme “The Revenge” Clark has come a long way since his first full length, the 2011 re-edits meets original production set Reekin’structions.


He’s spent the last few years moving away from that style, instead focusing on indulging his passion for making original house productions, most of which have come out on his Roar Groove imprint. Here he continues that process with Love That Will Not Die, an all-action house set that should be classed as his debut album proper.


Informed by various strains of classic house – Morales’ Red Zone dubs, feel good Italian house, US deep house and more Balearic offerings – it’s a typically evocative and intoxicating set, with tactile melodies, vintage sounds and shuffling drum machine rhythms throughout.



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The Revenge

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