V/A – Shades Of Disco (ISM Records)

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Celebrating disco in it’s many glorious guise’s from every corner of the world, featuring icons, infamous underground artists, mixed with cuts from scene’s most up & coming producers.


Authentic tracks mixed with modern studio techniques, housed up beats and nu-disco & soul vibes, there are secret dancefloor weapons waiting here to be discovered.


These songs you maybe familiar with but brought together in this new compilation will make you feel them in a whole new way.


An all star line up of artists from the living legends such as Odyssey & Chaz jankel, to current luminaires such as Alena, Ashley Beedle, Ron Basejam, Moodymanc, Freekwency, Qwestlife, Gemini Brother’s & Natasha Watts with remixes provided by today’s zeitgeist of hot producer’s such Ron Basejam, Joeblack, Yam Who?, Leo Zero, 80’s child, Ruf Dug, Neil Diablo, Pete Herbert, Bonar Bradberry and Get Down Edit’s and so many more…



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