Svida – Cabbage EP (Kretsen)



Kretsen is the Swedish label dedicated to the underground sounds of the Nordic elfs and its city siblings. It might be raw, undefined, distorted, dusted or just plain sweaty house and techno, but it will constantly move you. The second release is once again by the duo Svida, showcasing their own formula of rough and deep house with some bouncy techno madness.


Since the debut release of Kretsen 01 the Svida duo released an EP on Junior Sanchez label Brobot, to great reviews. Cabbage EP is four tracks each with a different approach and sound.


The EP starts off with Cabbage, a track that have proved to be a great peak hour tool for the guys. Its infectious yet simple melody will make you either annoyed, paranoid or end up on the dancefloor.


Hectic (Daniel Troberg’s Rytm Work Out Remix) is a great and sparse rework by one of the charismatic guys at the hardware maker Elektron offices in Gothenburg. Here Daniel Troberg showcases both his own style and what Elektrons’ machines has to offer.


The Chiropractor is a certified rave stormer that somewhat reminisces the 90’s seminal sound but in its own way. Here Svida goes a bit off beat and sneaks in some old school techno vibe to make it a stormer.


Hectic has serene and strong melody that grabs you while its surrounded by swirling hi hats and claps. A rhytmic toned down and minimal approach to the duo’s love for the sounds that blend house and techno together.




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