Legowelt / Dos Attack (Riverette)

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Riverette´s first record of 2016 was a very special one indeed, comprised of two special tracks made by two very special artists. We have been holding onto this one for quite a while as we were afraid putting this two tracks on one record would be overkill, but screw it! , we´ve never believed there is such a thing as too much awesomeness.


Side A sees Legowelt doing an edit kind of song in the most Legowelt way possible and it´s not even an edit. The result … craziness my friends, as can only be done by the mad man himself.


Side B is quite a different beast, and one that is quite dear to our heart, as it is the debut of local producing duo Dos Attack. Not ones to release much info about themselves we only know that their debut track was so good it was decided to be put on the other side of a Legowelt track.



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Dos Attack

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