Nandu – Love You Til The End (Constant Circles)



We move in Constant Circles. Music, Art, Fashion, Life. The most perfect shape in existence, a mathematical certainty, with no beginning and no end. This is our journey. This is our sound.


Like sands of the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.


Following releases on Kindisch and OFF Recordings, Nandu’s deep, raw twist on electronica & techno is making waves across the underground scene, with the support of industry greats from Re.You to Groove Armada. An accomplished musician, his sound is rooted in old school methods and his music is a commentary of life, so ahead of his full length artist album on Constant Circles, Nandu gives a taste of what’s to come with the title track ‘Love You Til The End’, accompanied by stellar remixes from Stefan Z & Kris Davis.


The original mix is a testament to Nandu’s raw but refined production skills. Stunning vocals from TYRA are layered over live guitar & percussion to tell a short story about life and love.


Rhombus imprint co-owner and rising star Stefan Z provides the main dance floor cut of the release. His dark and driving interpretation has a techno edge, building towards a beautiful breakdown where the haunting vocals and melodies come to the fore, before exploding into a heavy groove and bassline.


Kris Davis needs little introduction; after his successful ‘Relentless’ EP on Constant Circles in late 2015, he returns to the label for a remix in his true melodic and emotive style, adding a beautiful arpeggaited synth and layered pads to twist the original into a slice of warm but powerful electronica.


And so continues the story of a label built on the foundations of an unquenchable thirst for the underground and a yearning for the sounds of the future, the past and all that emerges in between. Unceasing. Limitless. A constant circle.




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Constant Circles

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