Big Danny Kane – Stella (Midnight Riot)



Keeping the fire burning for disco freaks everywhere, Big Danny Kane sidles up to Midnight Riot with a plush EP of rich, warm groovers for all kinds of different times of night.


“The One” especially shines with its punchy electro funk b-line and a hook vocal turn from Princess Freesia, capturing that mid-’80s mood in an impeccable fashion.


“Octopussy” and “Rock Me” inject a little more house-minded pump into the proceedings, but the chunky synth lines and slick rhythmic edits still represent the core of Daddy Kane’s ample repertoire.


Keep an ear out for the radio-friendly funk of “Need Ur Love” which comes on like late era Fatback Band and sounds all the better for it.




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Big Danny Kane

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Midnight Riot

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