Steffen Kirchhoff – Native (Serafin Audio Imprint)



In these days were all the electronic music gets faster and harder, we are happy to start this Imprint Serafin Audio, to share some beautiful slow music with you. With this and all the upcoming releases we want to present you the huge variety of slow sound. We want to show that House and Techno with all its energy and physically moving vibes is not bound to any tempo, especially not the 120 BPM.


Our first EP Is the SlowMotion Debut of Steffen Kirchhoff from Rostock, Germany. Steffen is a DJ, Producer and LiveAct who is heavily inspired by ritual and spiritual and around the world.The first track „Soulsong“ which features an ritual chant by Yvonne Seelensängerin interwoven with organic percussions and mesmerizing pads and melodies , invites you to listen to your inner voice and reconnect with your spirit.


Next up is „Native“ a track like musical medicine which supports and reinforces the spirit of the native american indians who lived togehter in tribes and gahtered to celebrate the beauty of life & nature. The title of „Yajé“ refers to Steffens own psychedelic experiences on a shamanic journey with Ayahuascsa. It is the fastest and darkest track of the EP and invites you to dance with your shadows the hypnotic groove and heavy bassline. After having faced your inner demons „Gaia“ helps you grounding your experiences and lets you feel the unconditional love of our mutual mother earth.




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Steffen Kirchhoff

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Serafin Audio Imprint

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