Sabo – Lunar Dreams (Magnetic Moon)



Magnetic Moon’s fifth release by Sabo features remixes from Pattern Drama (Touch of Class) and Navid Izadi (Crew Love). The incorporation of live instrumentation can be heard throughout this four track EP. One only has to look at the label’s previous releases of “Blue Agave Fields” or “Morning Chant” with its African ngoni riffs to hear what has quickly become a tradition for the label, firmly planting it’s feet in both the analog and digital worlds.


The first track brings The Spy From Cairo on the oud, serving Middle Eastern-esque vibes to the dance floor. As Sabo explains, “I used to work with Zeb aka The Spy From Cairo very often in my early days in New York City. He is an expert musician, and when he started really getting into oud playing I knew we would one day have to make a track together. On a trip to NYC last summer I went to his house, and we recorded some parts and harmonies, and also the solos, which you hear in the song.”


“Lunar Tom’s” rhythm flows from its captivating toms, coupled by the emotive textures of the ney flute and kalimba, evoking imagery of smoky subterranean dance floors.


First on remix duty is the freaky sheik, Navid Izadi. His keyed out piano styling’s delicately and deliciously build warmly- enveloping one’s ears, then gradually crescendo without loosing any of the four-on-the-floor goodness of the original. Rounding out the EP, is the equal parts hypnotic/sultry remix of “Oud Dreams” by Pattern Drama and Kellam. Kellam’s gentle guitar riffs punctuate the track nicely complimenting the prominent sound.




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