Vosper – Behind The Wheel (Wolf + Lamb)



Get behind the wheel with Montreal-based dance duo Vosper for a journey of analog malevolence. Drive anywhere, do what you want, they don’t care—as long as you get a little self-reflective the way Depeche Mode would have wanted you to. The dark techno track is a speeding adventure from 1980s Britain straight to 21st century years with an ominous attitude that just might have listeners preferring the passenger side.


電子音樂大使Vosper, 從蒙特嘍來的他們,放肆自由地享受節奏帶來的激情。Depeche Mode要你們用心感受,一起品嘗瘋狂派對的滋味。Behind The Wheel的創作屬於黑色鐵克諾,從1980年代的英式音樂到21世紀的暗黑風格所組成,吸引了不少特別傾向重重音感的族群。




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Wolf + Lamb

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